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Modern Talking Chile - Facebook Comunidad Modern Talking - YouTube


   Megamix 2000 - v4.0 - by Havim [2630]

[15024 reproducciones]

> Clips
  100 Years - 1987
  Atlantis Is Calling (s.o.s. For Love) -1986
  Brother Louie - 1986
  Brother Louie - 1998
  Cheri Cheri Lady - 1985
  China In Her Eyes
  Don`t Take Away My Heart
  Geronimo´s Cadillac - 1986
  Give Me Peace On Earth
  I Will Follow You
  Jet Airliner -1987
  Last Exit To Brooklyn
  Last Exit To Brooklyn - Rap Version
  Ready For The Victory
  Sexy Sexy Lover
  Tv Makes The Superstar
  Win The Race Video
  You Are Not Alone
  You Can Win If You Want - 1985
  You`re My Heart You`re My Soul - 1984
  You`re My Heart, You`re My Soul `98

> Dieter Bohlen
  Gasoline - Der Film
  Midnight Lady

> Thomas Anders
  Good Karma 2009
  Independent Girl
  King Of Love
  One Thing
  The Night Is Still Young - Feat Sandra
  The Night Is Still Young - Feat Sandra - Tv Show

By Havim
  25 Aniversario De Modern Talking
  Megamix 2000
  Modern Talking Radio Station
  Rap Megamix 2007

En Vivo
  China In Her Eyes (tv Show Live)
  Don`t Make Me Blue
  Poland - Brother Louie
  Poland - Brother Louie & Cheri Cheri Lady
  Poland - Cheri Cheri Lady
  Poland - Geronimo`s Cadillac
  The Last Concert - Everybody Needs Somebody
  The Last Concert - Knocking On My Door
  You`re My Heart You`re My Soul

Estilo Modern Talking
  Bad Boys Blue - You`re A Woman 98
  Blue System - Leila
  C. C. Catch - Megamix
  Fancy - Flames Of Love `98
  Mark Ashley - Mareen (club Mix)
  Moving Heroes - You Are My Angel And My Devil
  Systems In Blue - 1001 Nights Dj Moraz Radio Edit

Festival De Viņa Del Mar - Chile
  Atlantis Is Calling
  Brother Louie Live
  Cheri Cheri Lady - 1988
  Geronimo`s Cadillac
  Jet Airliner
  The Night Is Yours - The Night Is Mine
  Ust We Two - Mona Lisa
  With A Little Love

  Brother Louie - Alan Runner Electro 2009
  Cheri Cheri Lady
  Jet Airliner - Radio Frequency Damage
  Sexy Sexy Lover

Symphony Orchestra
  Atlantis Is Calling
  Brother Louie
  Cheri Cheri Lady
  Geronimo`s Cadillac

Tributo A Modern Talking
  Do You Wana ( Du Ich Lieb` Dich ) - Rex Gildo
  Lien Khuc - N° Hit Medley

Tv Show
  China In Her Eyes
  China In Her Eyes
  Comeback Show 1998
  Medley (bambi)
  Ready For The Victory - Grand Prix 2002

Invitación De TA A Su Concierto

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