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27° International Fan Day

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FanClub Chile Report

The day begins approximately at 11 am on February 17th, 2018. The Place, Ransbach-Baumbach in the Stadhalle located in the same town, 15 kilometers away from Koblenz. (TA lives here in case somebody doesn’t know).

The first part of the day consists in the photo shooting with TA, every fan must do a line waiting for their opportunity to say hi and get a signature for some souvenir. This moment, besides the aforementioned, gives the chance to TA to know where all the people came from to enjoy the day and his concert.

This wait is the ideal moment to buy some wonderful official merchandising of Thomas, like his books, disc, t-shirts, calendars, etc. Also, during this time we had the opportunity to meet different fan club administrators from Russia, Germany, Poland, USA and others countries. We also had the chance to talk with people from countries like U.K, Rumania, France and people from South America. All of them were really nice and surprised that we were there once again and be reunited after a year and a half.

The photo shooting took more than 3 hours, but as usual it was a good chance to meet new fans and be involved around the most incredible atmosphere.

After the photo session, the Fan day finally has begun and Thomas is getting down from the second floor towards to the stage, singing and smiling to the people. He said “Hi” to the audience with his natural charm. Afterwards TA cooked “Tuna Cream” one of his recipes from the book “Modern Cooking” a very special moment, since the whole attendances had the chance to try it, served by Claudia and the staff. We have to say it was “yummy yummy”. Then TA called to the stage a couple of fans from Germany, to tell everybody they were going around Europe following all his shows. They attended 21 concert and traveling more than 10 thousand kilometers. It was a funny moment for all of us listening their story and anecdotes.

It is important to mention Thomas and the moderator were broadcasting alive, through Thomas’s Facebook site during the fan day twice, the first one at the beginning for saying hello to all fans all over the world and he also gave the chance to some fans in the audience and give some greetings too. The second time while he was cooking. We also have to say the moderator was really funny.

In another special moment we could see Astrid, one admin of the Germany’s fan club who was selected by a TV show for having the chance to cook with TA in her home. We watched the video and it was like to see 2 old friends hanging out and having fun together. The food looked very tasty by the way, but well, what else we can expect from the hands of TA…

As usual, the fan clubs went to the stage to ask some questions and get to know a little bit more about TA’s life. The first one was the Russian fan club represented by Tanja one of its admin who asked to TA about his last experience in South America, specifically about the shows in Bolivia. Thomas answered saying it was a little bit hard due to the altitude but all the staff managed it very well, just during the break (when the musicians make their solo appearance) Nick had to use some oxygen to recover himself because all the physical distress for playing the drums.

The fan day finished with the well-known raffle, the first price was the original outfit “Anders-Fahrenkrog” video Gigolo. Others like, pillows, the Modern Cooking book, picture frames, Cds Pures Leben, etc, were drawn during the raffle.

Finally, we realized Thomas, family and staff do this in some retribution way to all the fans, for all the efforts and support we give him every day. They made everybody feel very welcome and once again happy for being there. We just have to say “thank you so much” / “danke schön” to all of them, for the amazing experience we could have lived and we want everybody could live this sometime, for this we invite to all of you who are interested to do this trip and go to the fan day to follow and contact us for future references.

At the end of the day we enjoyed an amazing concert performed by Thomas, he sang 4 song of his new album in german language and as usual he played the most important songs of Modern Talking.

(c)text and pictures: FanClub of Modern Talking & Thomas Anders in Chile

Thanks to Alexis.
From: Cecilia Hernando, Omar Macaya and Hernán Villagra.


Invitación De TA A Su Concierto

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